Whether you’re looking for a fun bachelorette or birthday gift, or if it’s just to stock your bar for an epic night with your friends, this round up of the best, most clever wine glasses should do the trick!

Mustache Stemless Wine Glasses
Wine drinkers, beer drinkers… all the drinkers will want to sip from these adorable mustache stemless wine glasses. Great for mustache themed parties or a casual drink on the patio while friends and loved ones are gathered.Mustache Stemless Wine GlassesShh, there’s wine in here! Coffee Mug!
The first time we saw these little gems, we lol’d. Literally. Your kid can’t read yet, and you’ll avoid the awkward “That’s my mom’s favorite glass!” when someone pulls out a stemmed wine glass. Win-win in our books.


All the Fun Wine Sayings
If you know something about wine drinkers, you’ll know that they’re stupendously clever… and come up with the best puns and sayings to tout their wine awesomeness with. Here are a few that crack us up!

Confetti Party Time Wine Glass
Isn’t this just the most adorable wine glass you’ve ever seen? Ok, maybe not the most, but it’s pretty darn close. Confetti everything makes us ridiculously happy, really.

Plastic Wine Tumblers
We call this one the “Adult sippy cup to-go”… errr… or something like that. Whatever it is to you, you’ll be able to bring this plastic cup to all the places they say no to glass to… like the pool, the beach, the park, and the list goes on. That’s a win in our book.

Ultimate Wine Glass
A glass so big, it fits the whole bottle. We’re thankful for this invention. Seriously.

As we stumble on more of the most clever wine glasses the interwebs have to offer, we’ll continue to post them here. Have some ideas? Leave a comment for us and we’ll add it to the blog. Cheers!

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