It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year! It’s time for Holiday Cork Crafts, of course! If you’re all up in the fun crafts (and booze) like we are, you’ll need something to do with those pretty corks that you keep saving from your booze sesh with your besties. You know, the ones you’ve been stashing in that bag in the back of your closet because you just know you’re going to use them someday. Well, friends, today is that day! (If you don’t happen to have any corks, ask a friend or visit one of our amazing Texas Wineries and see if they’ve kept a stash hidden away.)

Before we get started, let’s talk about crafting necessities. If you don’t have a glue gun, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. Order one ASAP. You’ll find a need for it with the oddest things around your house, plus all the other fun crafts we like to blog about. Throw in some glue sticks with your order while you’re at it. You can never have enough of those lying around! On to the goods…

Christmas Cork Ball


Legit something we’d love to have on our tree. We’ve had a few good bottles of wine that are “meaningful” that we might want to save the cork for. This is a great way to display said corks at a lovely time of year. The sweet folks over at What’s Your Home Story put together a nice little tutorial for this simple craft. It involves a paper mache ball, some glue gun action, and corks from your stash.

Christmas Tree, Candy Cane, and Wreath Cork Ornaments


Easy peasy and totally makes your tree look awesome (and like you enjoy a glass of vino from time to time). Also makes great home made gifts for that wine-o friend. Drop it on the neck of your favorite Texas Wine Bottle and your bestie will be screaming from the rooftops what a wonderful friend she has in you. (Video proof if this actually happens, please) Tutorial for these cute lil thangs can be found here. Psst: Grab your glue gun. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya!

Fa la la la la la la la la Adorbs Cork Wreath


Too many la’s? Eh, that song is bound to be stuck in your head at least once during your Christmas Shopping Excursions. Why not start now? 😉 This is the mama jamma that you’ve saved up corks ALL MONTH for. Now aren’t you proud of yourself? Head on over to Cork and Spoon for a quick tutorial on this Cork Wreath. Then, share the love and post a pic of your creation to our Facebook or Twitter or something.

Wine Cork Snowflakes


They’re special. About as special as a snowflake gets. Hehe. These are for the REALLY TALENTED CRAFTERS out there. We found ’em on this cute Etsy Store. So, put away the glue gun, hand over your money, and wait for the mail guy to deliver the goods.

There ya have it! If you didn’t save all your corks, you’re now prepared to do so next year. Don’t miss out on these fun crafts, mmkay? If you’re dying for more, we’ve pinned a few fun DIY things over on Pinterest, so go have a look-see for yourself. Cheers!

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