We absolutely LOVE cheese plates. And we’ve gotten quite good at them in the past few years. So much so, that our friends always designate us as the cheese plate aficionado and basically ask us to ‘bring it’ every time we visit the wineries. Here’s our Texas Uncorked take on the DIY Cheese Plate!

First things first… the cheese.

The Ultimate Cheese Plate Cheese Selection

Pair your cheese wisely. You should select 3-4 that you and your friends like. I like to choose a bold cheese, a middle of the road cheese, and something soft. This mixes things up between hard and soft cheeses and gives your flavor profile a little boost.

Pictured, we’ve got some brie, smoked gouda, jalapeno monterey jack, and cheddar gruyere melange cheeses.

Some of the best cheese pairings
Sharp cheddar, smoked gouda, and brie.
Iberico, Blue Cheese, and honey goat cheese.
Manchego, white american, and port salut.

*Side note: Some people absolutely hate certain cheeses. For instance, I know a few people who despise blue cheese because they just can’t get into it. No biggie. Just make sure you poll your audience before creating this beautiful thing.

Second, grab a meat or two. Add some dried fruit, nuts, and chocolate. Throw in a few sauces and dips.

The Ultimate Cheese Plate

– Deli meats work wonderfully. They’re sliced already, things don’t get complicated with knives, and there are many varieties of sausages and prosciutto to choose from. I like sliced sausages with peppered edges.. yum!
– I like to grab dried mangos or raisins or cranberries. Pair it with some salty peanuts or almonds. Whatever strikes your fancy.
– Adding chocolate should be a requirement for every aspect of life. Chocolate bits, chocolate covered nuts, chocolate covered dried fruits or pretzels… the opportunities are endless! (Bonus: You can grab a trail mix that gives you a few nuts, a few dried fruits, and a few bits of chocolate!)
– For your sauces, sometimes it’s a bruschetta, sometimes it’s honey or a fig sauce… sometimes it’s orange marmalade. These dips go really well with cheese and add so much flavor to your cheese board experience!

And lastly, crackers.
– You’ve just entered the land of a zillion options, and there’s no turning back! Some of my faves:

Trader Joe’s Fig and Rosemary Crackers
Briton Crackers
Flatbread Everything Crackers

Now you get to put it all together and make a kickass presentation!

The Ultimate Cheese Plate Finished

Grab a bamboo cutting board, add a few little dishes (like these, pictured!), and be sure to either chop your cheeses beforehand, or provide some small cheese knives for cutting.

Now you’re a pro. Can’t wait to show off your cheese board making skillz? Grab some friends and go visit one of the nearby Texas wineries. They’re sure to have something that pairs well with what you’ve just put together!

Top Secret Pro Tip: Sprouts and other local grocers who offer bulk buying are PERFECT for creating your cheese board. You can grab just a few of each thing and aren’t stuck with a ton left over. Their cheese selection is pretty decent and they offer dried fruit and chocolates in bulk so you can just grab a few. Some favorites are spicy dried mangos. (They always get a good reaction when brought to the party!)

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