What’s Christmas without a little DIY to put some cheer in your holiday season? We’ve rounded up 10 Fabulous Christmas DIY Wine Bottles that you can actually make yourself!

Simple Christmas Lights in a Wine Bottle

Christmas Lights Wine Bottles

Easy. Down a few bottles of your favorite Texas wine. Peel off the label. (We find rubbing alcohol does the trick for stubborn labels) Stuff with your favorite el-cheapo Christmas lights from the Dollar Store. And, presto! Your boozy Christmas is well on its way to rockin!

Santa, Frosty, and a Reindeer Christmas Wine Bottle Craft

Christmas Wine Bottles

You’ve got to be slightly more resourceful with this one, but after sipping on three whole bottles of the good stuff, we imagine your Pinterest-worthy project will be an adventure of epic proportions. Grab some paint, felt, jingle bells, and twine, and go to town. Make it look like the pic, if you can!

Elf on the Shelf Christmas Wine Bottles

Elf Wine Bottles

These cute little guys totally belong on your shelf this Christmas! Grab a few quick supplies from the arts and crafts store and plop them on top of your favorite empty wine bottles for decoration. Pro tip: Don’t burn yourself with the hot glue gun. You’re welcome.


Frosted DIY Christmas Wine Bottles

Frosted wine Glasses

These have to be our faves! They’re super easy, too! 3 empty wine bottles (duh!), some white spray paint, epsom salt, and a few festive picks from the craft store. Sprinkle the epsom salt on while the paint is still wet so it’ll stick to the sides. Makes such an awesome center or mantle piece, people will call you Martha Stewart.

Frosted Blue Christmas DIY Wine Bottles

Winter Wonderland Christmas Wine Bottles

Same as above. Add some blue stuff. Make it a winter wonderland.

Gingerbread Men DIY Wine Bottles

Gingerbread Wine Bottles

What an excuse to drink even more wine?! Empty those bottles like your little crafty heart depended on it and grab those paint brushes. You’ll need some brown, white, red, pink, and black paint. Make it look like the pic. Or not.

Joyful Christmas Wine Bottles

JOY Christmas Wine Bottles

Empty bottles + White Paint + Festive Picks + Painted Letters + Twine = a winning Christmas Wine Bottle combination!

DIY Santa Wine Bottle Decorations

Santa Wine Bottles

Who are we kidding? These have been on our Pinterest DIY boards for many years. We think they’re so dang cute! Spray paint those bottles with some red glitter paint that you won’t get out of your hair for at least a week. Paint a massive black line around the center for Santa’s belt. Grab some jewels and glue those things tightly. Add twine at the bottom and top as well as some jingle bells for good measure.

Candy Cane Glitter Wine Bottle Craft

Candycane Wine Bottles

Spray paint those empty wine bottles white. Then grab some glue and make some fun candy cane-like lines around the bottle. Roll it in red glitter. Top with your favorite Christmas Picks!

Christmas Sweater Wine Bottle Craft

Wine Bottle Sweater

This one is literally the easiest. Buy this wine bottle sweater. Put it on your wine bottle once the delivery man shows up.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our DIY guide to some jingle-worthy crafts for the holiday season.



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